Asia News Channel [FOCUS Taiwan] High-end Nano Technology


Raw material technology interview

Taiwan Shengji Company was committed to the development of anti-fungal and antibacterial series of building materials in the early stage. During the research and development process, it developed mature and high-end nanotechnology. From the trace element [zinc] needed by the human body, Shengji Company developed five nanometer zinc ions. Sterilants are not only safe and resistant to high temperatures, but also have a long-term effect for more than ten years. Shengji has applied nano-zinc ion sterilants to food, clothing, housing, and transportation, including pet supplies, hydroponic vegetables and epidemic prevention products. Currently using five nanometer zinc ions, the anti-epidemic products launched include odorless dry cleaning hand curtains, odorless clean sprays, laundry deodorizing antibacterial liquids, water-based deodorizing and deodorizing concentrates, and 3D protective cool feeling breathable masks, etc. When applied to the human body or space, it is safe and sound, and it will make a better contribution to human life.