【Textile antibacterial/antiviral/deodorizing DIY】

$6 for a pair of antibacterial socks? $3 ? No need to!
$12 for a piece of antibacterial underwear? No need to!

DIY antibacterial socks at home for only $0.4 !

Purchase your favorite socks/underwear/textiles online to do antibacterial and deodorization by yourself! 

(Calculated according to the clothes weighing, drying labor costs are calculated separately, not packing)

【How to use】

(Chinese subtitle)

1. Pour the antibacterial liquid into a stainless steel bucket and heat it to boil (85~95°C)

2. Put the antibacterial clothing into a stainless steel bucket (antibacterial liquid) and soak for about 1 minute

3. After soaking for 1 minute, pick up the clothes to cool naturally

4. After the clothes are cooled, wring them dry by hand to leave about 40% moisture, and then put them into the dryer/dryer to dry.

5. The unscrewed water can be put into the stainless steel bucket for antibacterial use

6. Guaranteed antibacterial! The antibacterial rate of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli is over 99%!

7. If it is invalid after use according to this step, the refund will be invalid!

8. Those who are greedy for a small bargain can get a refund for the first time, and they will be blacklisted if they buy and sell for the second time.

9. The shelf life of five years, not afraid of the sun

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