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Rottweiler Champion

"Pride" is our own Rottweiler that has won an international competitionIn addition to one's own name, it also means "proud" and "satisfied"Show the premium and top image of our products

Luxury Nano Platinum

Platinum is the rarest precious metal in the world. Its luxurious and fashionable noble ingredients have excellent antioxidant effects. It can metabolize and remove the most culprit caused by skin cell aging [active acid / free radicals]. Its antioxidant capacity is better than any antioxidant. , Vitamin E, comparable to the popular CoQ10.

The secret of platinum's excellent antioxidant power lies in 5nm. Nano-plated gold possesses-40m V ZETA potential, which can transmit the potential to the active oxygen and penetrate into the deep layers of the skin more easily to achieve a powerful effect. Anti-oxidize effect.

Nano platinum has a high degree of anti-oxidation characteristics, can seize the water molecules in the dog's epidermis, achieve moisture retention and moisturizing, strengthen skin protection, prevent skin dryness and antibacterial and deodorant effects.

SGS platinum concentration test

[Features of PRIDE Luxury Platinum Washing Series]

◎The world's only pet shower gel with nano-platinum added

◎High concentration content to show extreme luxury

◎It has excellent natural antibacterial, antibacterial and deodorizing effects

◎It can continuously eliminate active oxygen and enhance the skin defense of dogs

◎Non-toxic, high safety

SGS Deodorization Test Report

SGS antibacterial test report