Nano Silver

The company develops and produces nanosilver water-based transparent dispersions, which are transparent and do not precipitate, and can be stably dispersed in pure water for a long time.

Nanosilver can accurately and stably release silver ions. Its particle size is about 3~5nm. It has a larger surface area, increased activity, enhanced antibacterial function, and has deodorant, water purification and anti-corrosion functions. The colorless can be used in a wider range, and it can be eliminated after combining with bacteria and viruses to achieve long-term physical anti-bacterial effects.

Silver has been used as a natural antibiotic for thousands of years. One antibiotic can kill roughly six kinds of antibiotics, while nanosilver can kill more than 600 kinds of bacteria, because nanosilver particles and the cell walls of pathogens /The membrane has a strong binding capacity, can directly enter the bacterial body, and quickly combine with thiol (-SH) of oxygen metabolism, block metabolism and make it inactive to achieve a good antibacterial effect.

Place of Origin: Taiwan  Substrate: Nano silver Appearance: Transparent aqueous solution

Solvent: Pure water  Particle size: 3~5nm  Concentration: 10,000 ppm


【  Order 10 kg / $USD70 per kg  】
【 Order 500 kg / $USD65 per kg 】
【Order 1000 kg / $USD60 per kg】

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1. The bottle holder needs to be opaque. Nano silver is a strong oxide and will oxidize quickly when exposed to light

2. When nanosilver encounters chlorine in tap water, a white precipitate of silver chloride will be produced. Chlorine will corrode the nanosilver and make the antibacterial effect ineffective.

3. When nanosilver encounters sulfide gas, it will be boiled into silver sulfide, and the antibacterial effect of silver will decrease.

4. Silver is a strong oxidizing metal, which cannot guarantee long-term antibacterial properties

5. The above items should be avoided when using nanosilver. If the above instructions are not avoided when using nanosilver, the company will not be responsible for the abnormal antibacterial effect.

Applicable range

Antibacterial spray

In addition to effective antibacterial, it also has anti-mildew effect, indoor antibacterial, bathroom and toilet antibacterial, public space antibacterial, etc., there are many uses.

Textile antibacterial

The nano-ions are chelated in the textile fiber, and a physically charged protective film is formed on the surface of the fiber object, which maximizes the protective area against bacteria.

Plastic antibacterial

The antibacterial nano particles and the cell wall membrane of the bacteria have a strong binding function, which can directly enter the bacteria body and quickly engage with the functions of oxidative metabolism, block metabolism and destroy the activity of enzymes, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria for antibacterial purposes.

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