Antibacterial, you have a safer and more effective choice!

Mushui SKG Ionic Inorganic Antibacterial Liquid is a long-acting antibacterial, which can effectively fight bacteria within 60 seconds of rapid antibacterial. The international SGS test has confirmed that the antibacterial time can be up to more than 10 years, and can withstand high temperatures above 1400 degrees C!

Antibacterial technology of compound ions, non-general alcohols, chlorine, quaternary amines, aldehydes and other short-acting antibacterial, for tenacious bacteria, fungi, Gram positive and negative, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, etc., antibacterial rate of 99 ~99.99% or more, food, clothing, housing, transportation, multi-party can be used together.

The weapon on the antibacterial particles (zinc ions after nanometerization) is a positive potential. Generally, the bacterial cell membrane and cell wall have a negative potential. When the bacteria come into contact with the antibacterial particles, it will be attracted by the positive and negative charges and the physical effect of the potential. The destruction of the cell membrane and cell wall, and then to achieve the effect of elimination, can be used with confidence and no irritation and no harm!

Effective antibacterial report for up to 10 years