Key technology

Five keys

The combination of members of the Mushuitang SKG technical team comes from elites and experts in the industry and academia. The core of the technical team is the "key nano-refinement technology". Compared with the current micro-nano materials that are only in the experimental stage, we can be said to be unique in the world!

This is an epoch-making material refinement technology: the average particle size is 5 nanometers or less, and the inorganic mineral element aqueous solution nanomaterials that are the same as the human trace elements. In addition to being stable at high and low temperatures, they also pass ISO As well as the European Union's standards for testing non-toxic and hazardous substances, it is possible to industrially manufacture various nanomaterials in large quantities and obtain many breakthrough applications.

Small nanometer particle size

Can be refined to nearly 1 nanometer, with an average particle size of 5nm

High temperature resistance

It can remain stable under high and low temperature, the highest temperature resistance is 1700℃

Water-based, colorless, odorless and non-irritating

Water-based carrier, colorless, odorless and non-irritating, the same as many mineral elements of the human body

ISO International Testing

Passed ISO safety testing and EU testing, non-toxic and hazardous substance standards

Multi-party application

Various nanomaterials have been manufactured quantitatively in industry, and many breakthrough industrial applications have been obtained

Key Nano Refinement Technology "5 Nano"

Compared with traditional nanomaterials (80~150nm), the nanoparticle "1nm" produced by SKG's "key nanorefinement technology" is like the difference between the earth and a football.

The key nano-refinement technology can make the nano particles dispersed without agglomeration, and can maintain stability even at extreme high and low temperatures, which is an epoch-making breakthrough in nanotechnology.

The surface volume is increased faster than the physical reaction. The proportion of 20nm surface atoms accounts for 6%, the proportion of 5nm surface atoms accounts for 25%, and the proportion of 1nm surface atoms accounts for 99%. When the object is refined to about 1nm, the material properties Will change, for example, at room temperature, solid gold will become liquid gold with good electrical conductors.

SKG 5 nanometer mineral elements will be automatically charged when refined. It is a new type of nanocomposite silicide with both sterilization and antibacterial functions. Its outer layer can form a chelated molecular structure and combine with the outer layer of bacteria to cause Various mechanisms of the cell membrane are lost, such as nutrient transmission, etc., while bacteria die due to the loss of physiological mechanisms. SKG nano-bactericidal particles can effectively inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria on the surface of the product and achieve the purpose of long-term antibacterial. It is a permanent antibacterial material and has no toxic effect on the human body. It can be applied to various products, etc. Broad prospects.

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ISO Safety Lab Test