Home textile antibacterial liquid

In addition to maintaining health by diet and the air quality of the home environment, the health of the body is not neglected by the maintenance of personal clothing. In addition to breathing air and skin contact, it will touch bacteria, and clothing will also adsorb harmful bacteria.

The textiles, personal clothing, towels, bath towels, bed sets (pillows, duvet covers, sheets), pajamas, casual clothes, rags, socks, shoes, etc., that people will encounter in a day.

When bacteria are in a nutrient-sufficient environment, they can survive for as long as 4 days. The most frightening thing is that bacteria can split and multiply from generation to generation. For example, external factors cause the body's immune system to be overloaded, resistance is reduced, and bacteria are exposed to clothing. Physical illness.

The most common bacteria

Escherichia coli

It can cause acute gastroenteritis, urinary tract infection, meningitis, pneumonia, etc. Escherichia coli is divided into many different strains, and the pathogenic mechanism of the human body and the severity of the disease caused are also different, including the formation of toxins and the direct invasion of bacteria.

Staphylococcus aureus

It can cause abscesses, various purulent infections, such as endocarditis and osteomyelitis, toxic shock syndrome, and food poisoning.


It can cause symptoms such as pneumonia, sepsis, and meningitis, and the mortality rate is extremely high if not treated properly.

Candida albicans

It usually inhabits the human mouth, throat, large intestine, skin and vagina, etc., and other patients can invade the internal organs when their resistance function declines or are side-effected by drugs, causing mild or serious infections, such as: vaginitis, skin infections, candida Sickness etc.

Textile SKG mildew and antibacterial liquid

Nano SKG2614 nano-zinc antibacterial particles have a strong binding function to the cell wall membrane of pathogens. They can directly enter the bacterial body and quickly bond with the functions of oxidative metabolism, blocking metabolism and destroying enzyme activity, so that cell metabolism disappears. It can inhibit the growth of bacteria for antibacterial purposes.

Most drugs will be lost quickly after being combined with bacteria. SKG antibacterial and antibacterial particles will not be lost. Therefore, SKG antibacterial particles will still exist after decomposing the bacteria, thereby continuing to interact with other bacteria to achieve the purpose of "strong and long-lasting" antibacterial.


Nano SKG anti-mildew and anti-bacterial liquid: it can effectively anti-bacterial and inhibit the dual function of mold

Shelf storage period evaluation test: Pass TAF inspection certification with five-year effect

Stability: It can withstand high temperature of 500°C, has stable functionality, and meets the requirements of shaping processing

Application areas: cosmetics, styling, surface spray paint, cleaning supplies, cooling towers, environmental sanitation, etc.

Antibacterial washing instructions

This product is inorganic water-based and does not damage any clothing

  1. Taiwan Standard: 49℃, wash in water for 12 minutes, a total of 50 washes
  2. Taiwan standard: 40℃, wash for 12 minutes, 20 times in total
  3. Chinese and Japanese standards: 40℃, 5 minutes of washing, 50 times in total
  4. Chinese and Japanese standards: 40℃, washing for 5 minutes, 20 times in total

The antibacterial value of washing is 99.9%

Washing & Antibacterial Technology Report